London Bitcoin Forum Revealed as Likely Scam

2016/03/11 6:33 AM Reports have surfaced of the highly-publicized London Bitcoin Forum being a scam, cheating people out of hundreds of dollars. Based on the widespread media attention for the Forum, it seems like the entire Bitcoin industry may have participated in yet another scam. Also read: Developers Announce the Very First Ethereum ATM Probably[…]


21 Inc Launches Bitcoin Micropayments Marketplace for Developers

Bitcoin startup 21 Inc has launched the 21 Micropayments Marketplace, a new offering that enables the creation of apps that allow buyers and sellers to trade digital goods for bitcoin. Initially, the Micropayments Marketplace will focus on allowing developers to buy and sell API calls using digital currency due to what it called existing developer[…]


Bitcoin Weekly: Chronicled raises $3.4 million

A great deal of attention is being laid upon blockchain technology this year and numerous companies are beginning take advantage of possible advancements. Vintage sneaker company Chronicled raised $3.4 million in seed funding to use blockchain technology to secure product authenticity. As for Bitcoin employees can more easily get their wages in bitcoin from Bitwage[…]


Bitcoin Price Watch; End of the Week Volatility

From a volatility perspective, it’s been a pretty dull week in the bitcoin price – at least, that is, on the intraday charts. We’ve been forced to tighten up our parameters on more than one occasion with the goal of drawing intraday scalp profits from the tightest of action, and it’s worked, but without large[…]

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM Now Supports Ethereum

Automatic Teller Machines, known across the world by its abbreviation – ATMs were revolutionary machines that made banking convenient for billions of individuals across the world. ATMs made people avoid visiting their bank branch for regular cash withdrawal, deposit, check deposit and other transactions. Today ATMs are prevalent, with at least one ATM in each[…]


Bitwage Makes Bitcoin Payroll Easier with New Features

If you are a freelancer, working on assignments for overseas clients, or you are assigned by your company to work out of a different geography where they do not have a presence. Every month or after the end of each assignment you as a contractor or full-time employee are entitled to receive the due payments. At[…]