Is FinTech Australia Paving Way for Removing GST on Bitcoin Transactions? – newsBTC

The concepts of Bitcoin and FinTech seem to be confusing a large amount of politicians around the world, as their natural reaction is to overregulate these industries and preserve the financial ecosystem as we know it. But that situation is about to change, as FinTech Australia put together a manifesto for the federal government to[…]


Tony Robbins : Governments Can't Control Bitcoin – newsBTC

Money is the driving force of life in today’s world. Those who do not agree and say money can’t buy everything, it is time for them to revisit the age-old psychological theory established by Abraham Maslow. The Maslow’s pyramid, also known as Maslow’s hierarchy shows the fundamental needs of humans and how it will contribute[…]


Dwolla is Back, But Focused on Blockchain, Not Bitcoin – CoinDesk

After a series of mishaps working with bitcoin startups – including the infamous, now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt Gox, Dwolla is once again hoping to work as the connector between the emerging technology and traditional financial worlds. The alternative payment network has been quiet about its foray in the blockchain space, but Ben Milne, Dwolla’s founder[…]


Australian Regulator: Banks Didn't Collude Over Bitcoin Account Closures – CoinDesk

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has concluded that Australian banks did not collude in blocking services for bitcoin firms and that a full investigation into the affair is not necessary. According to the Australian Financial Review, ACCC chairman Rod Sims wrote to Senator Matthew Canavan of The National Party of Australia – the Queensland representative who had originally requested an investigation[…]


ACCC Finds Australian Banks Didn't Collude to Slowdown Bitcoin Competition – newsBTC

Even though there are plenty of financial institutions who have taken a keen interest in the development of blockchain technology, some Australian banks were taking a slightly different approach. By actively blocking fiat currency withdrawals from Bitcoin exchanges, rumors of possible collusion started popping up. After an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission[…]


ACCC clears Australian banks of colluding to block bitcoin competition – The Australian Financial Review

Global banking Bitcoin party; CBA invited The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has cleared banks of any wrongdoing in its inquiry into the withdrawal of banking services to local bitcoin companies, stunning local operators and senators who said the investigation was sub-standard. ACCC chairman Rod Sims wrote to Nationals senator Matthew Canavan, who had initially[…]


Decentral Brings Bitcoin to Retail Stores in Canada – newsBTC

Bitcoin users in Canada will be able to purchase the digital currency from local retail stores, announced Decentral. The Bitcoin innovation hub, which already has launched a Bitcoin video dashboard and a two-way Bitcoin ATM in Toronto under its flag, is now seeking to distribute its resources on cash-for-Bitcoin services. It has hence introduced Bitcoin[…]


Why Microsoft Wants 'Every Blockchain' on its Azure Platform – CoinDesk

While Microsoft tested the waters with bitcoin at the tail end of 2014, the tech giant appears poised to be a far bigger player in the burgeoning market for solutions that harness its underlying blockchain technology. Since opening its Azure cloud computing platform to the ecosystem this October, Microsoft has added a steady stream of partners[…]


Bitcoin in the Words of Intesa Sanpaolo's Ferdinando Ametrano – newsBTC

The history of monetary system is built on gold. This valuable element has been playing a very important role in the economy since the beginning of time. The first documented usage of gold coins as currency dates back to 600 BC. Gold continued to be the basis of monetary systems until the Bretton Woods System paved way[…]


FinTech Startup PocoPay Mixes Bitcoin Elements With Legacy System – newsBTC

Several companies in the FinTech sector are looking to bring financial services to mobile users, and some of them even take a page out of Bitcoin’s book to achieve that goal. Pocopay is a mobile financial services provider targeting the European market, although the company is not like how your typical bank would be. By[…]