The Silkroad Scandal by Undercover Agents

  The story of Silkroad does not end with the usual arrest of the owner and closing of the website. There was more to the story than it seemed. After almost 18 months of the site closure, a DEA agent and a secret service agent were both arrested, facing charges for wire fraud – in[…]


Can Bitcoin Be Gold 2.0?

In my previous article ‘Inflation: The Beast in the Cage’ we discussed how central banks are purposefully manufacturing inflation in the hopes of countering the global economy’s prevailing deflationary headwinds, and the ramifications this could have for fiat currencies (currencies issued and backed by central banks). While there is some evidence QE and easing monetary[…]


Why Datt is Sticking With Bitcoin Over Ethereum

Ryan X Charles is the founder of the decentralized content sharing platform DATT and a former cryptocurrency engineer at social network Reddit.  In this opinion piece, Charles discusses why he is building his platform on the bitcoin protocol even despite the emergence of new blockchain platforms such as Ethereum. Since last summer when I announced Datt,[…]

14nm Bitcoin Miners will be available from June

Mining is a vital component of the bitcoin network. The bitcoin mining operation has grown from being an individual scale operation to one of an industrial scale where companies are setting up data centers with hundreds of mining ASICs, leading to a drastic increase in the sale of miners. As, the difficulty of mining operations[…]


Why Bitcoin is Better for Crime Fighters Than Criminals

Jason Weinstein is a partner at Steptoe & Johnson LLP and a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice in charge of cybercrime and organized crime. He is the Director of the Blockchain Alliance and a member of the advisory boards of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Coin Center and BitFury In this opinion piece,[…]


Bitcoin vs. Gold Bullion – Which Is The Better Investment?

CoinTelegraph investigates the pros and cons of storing one’s assets in Bitcoin versus storing them via traditional methods such as gold bullion, and speaks to a number of cryptocurrency experts to hear their view. Inherent value One of the biggest arguments against the cryptocurrency is that it has no inherent value, and as such cannot[…]


[Opinion] Future of Bitcoin.. not so bright?

Bitcoin, since its introduction, has never failed to amaze newcomers and revolutionized the financial world with its core networking technology, Blockchain. Blockchain is considered as one of the most innovative technological discoveries ever since the birth of fin-tech. Large banks and technological businesses such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, and individuals such as Warren Buffet are[…]


Bitcoin Transaction Friction: A Reality Check

Are bitcoin transactions really frictionless compared to traditional currency? Alexander Kroeger, a research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Research and Startup Group, and Asani Sarkar, an assistant vice president at the bank’s Integrated Policy Analysis Group, analyzed bitcoin transactions and concluded that price differences across bitcoin exchanges and other factors create[…]


Bitcoin Prices Steady As Subsidy Halving Inches Closer

Markets Weekly is a weekly column analyzing price movements in the global digital currency markets, and the technology’s use case as an asset class. Bitcoin prices fluctuated largely within a tight range of $405 to $420 during the seven days ending 25th March, maintaining relative stability even as the bitcoin community faces questions of scalability and an upcoming[…]