Bitcoin Price Extends Run But Litecoin Stalls – Finance Magnates

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) extended its steady winning streak, hitting another 8-week high of $256.50 on Bitstamp. Bitcoin right now resembles that stable, dividend-paying stock putting together a steady stream of 0.5% gains- healthy for long-term returns in your well-diversified portfolio, but boring for many bitcoin traders with fond memories of wilder times. Many have argued, however,[…]


Coinoindex – Dow-Jones Index for Cryptocurrencies – newsBTC

Cryptocurrencies are very new but even in several years of existence thousands of coins have been created, some of them are already gone but some are quite stable and can be called crypto “blue-chips”. There are about 20-30 coins with a market capitalization of above 1 mil USD and significant daily trading volume. But of[…]

[Review] CLAMs, You Probably Have Them Already

CLAMs, You Probably Have Them Already This is a review brought to you by: hermesesus (bitcointalk profile) What are CLAMs? CLAMs are a new kind of cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin (altcoin). The CLAMclient is a free and open-source software program that you can run on Windows, Linux or OSX. The official CLAM code base is on GitHub.[…]

[Review] Litecoin

LITECOIN Review by: allcryptocoins By: Charles Lee Type: POW Scrypt Supply: 84 Million coins with 8 digits each; or 4 x BTC supply Speed: 2.5 Minutes Retarget: 2016 blocks (3.5 days) Reward: 50 Initially Reduction: 50% every 840,000 blocks (4 years) Premined: 150 Fees: 0.02 LTC + 0.02 LTC for each Kbyte of transaction size[…]


1) GETTING STARTED/ Entering BTC (Ultimate Altcoin Daytraders Spreadsheet)

New series of mini vids to show each feature of the spreadsheet in more detail… This one shows what to do when you receive your invite and the best way of … Source – This video was originally uploaded on Youtube by UCSbXtzN8FaTobTJkiqLRjdA