C-Bit Altcoin

2016/04/02 6:00 AM We’ve seen the Bitcoin scaling debate rise in fervor, come to a head, and die down without a substantial resolution. Many of its by-products are much maligned by the community, but despite the balkanization and unproductive argument that has become integral to bitcoin on social media, Bitcoin continues to be more or[…]


What The Heck Is MOSYN?

There are many altcoins out there and it is said that around 5 new altcoins are developed and brought to the public every single day. As such, the announcement of a new digital currency is not something that is as revolutionary or amazing as it was merely about three years ago. It is rather frowned[…]


[Opinion] Future of Bitcoin.. not so bright?

Bitcoin, since its introduction, has never failed to amaze newcomers and revolutionized the financial world with its core networking technology, Blockchain. Blockchain is considered as one of the most innovative technological discoveries ever since the birth of fin-tech. Large banks and technological businesses such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, and individuals such as Warren Buffet are[…]


Bitcoin Mining, Ethereum Mining, Cloud Mining: 2016 Overview

Bitcoin saw a surge in price between March 2015-2016, bringing back profitability to mining. Is it a good time to start mining again? In the old days, gold needed to be dug out of the earth which required a lot of effort. Things have not changed much since then, someone still needs to make an[…]