Creation of a Brave New World with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the revolution the citizens of the world have been waiting for. The perfect digital currency that will allow them to break free from the shackles of the financial system they have become part of. Bitcoin is as much a boon to the virtual world as it is to the real world. Micropayments are[…]


[Opinion] Future of Bitcoin.. not so bright?

Bitcoin, since its introduction, has never failed to amaze newcomers and revolutionized the financial world with its core networking technology, Blockchain. Blockchain is considered as one of the most innovative technological discoveries ever since the birth of fin-tech. Large banks and technological businesses such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, and individuals such as Warren Buffet are[…]


Bitcoin Price Finds Status Quo in $415 Range

Markets Weekly is a weekly column analyzing price movements in the global digital currency markets, and the technology’s use case as an asset class. The price of bitcoin experienced relative price stability and consistent volume during the seven days through 1st April, maintaining its recent status quo as market participants await resolutions to lingering uncertainties. The digital currency’s[…]


French Senate will Debate on Bitcoin Regulation

The regulation of Bitcoin and digital currency will be debated upon in France, as the government is taking the risk of money laundering and terrorist funding very seriously. Although there is little to no proof to back up these claims, authorities feel the need to debate further on Bitcoin regulation. Bitcoin’s public image of being[…]