Gravatar Adds Bitcoin Support for User Accounts – Bitcoin Magazine

Gravatar is an avatar platform that works across the internet and integrates with popular sites inclusing WordPress, Disqus, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. Gravatar serves over 8 billion images every day for millions of users. Bitcoin Magazine recently learned that the company silently released a new feature, allowing users to add bitcoin wallets to their Gravatar[…]

[Review] CLAMs, You Probably Have Them Already

CLAMs, You Probably Have Them Already This is a review brought to you by: hermesesus (bitcointalk profile) What are CLAMs? CLAMs are a new kind of cryptocurrency, similar to Bitcoin (altcoin). The CLAMclient is a free and open-source software program that you can run on Windows, Linux or OSX. The official CLAM code base is on GitHub.[…]

Imogen Heap shows how smart music contracts work using Ethereum – International Business Times UK

Musician and technologist Imogen Heap has demonstrated how a song can be released as a digital contract and then shared transparently and completely fairly on a blockchain without the need for intermediaries of any kind. Heap released her new single and video, Tiny Human, on Friday 2 October at a special Guardian Live event, giving[…]

[REVIEW] BitCredit

BITCREDIT Review by: angelinus (bitcointalk profile) Started: December 2014 POS / POW Block Target: 1 minute Total Supply: 210 000 000 BCR Technology rating: 3/5 Innovation Rating: 2.5/5 Trustworthy? Safe to invest? – Maybe (3.5/5) WHY IS THIS? The market price for BITCREDIT have critically decreased recently with a huge ‘dump’ scheme. It is advised you invest at[…]