How To Get Bitcoin – The Merkle (blog)

Getting one’s hands on Bitcoin is still the hardest part of getting involved in the world of digital currency these days. However, there are plenty of options available to buy Bitcoin, ranging from exchanges to peer-to-peer trades and ATMs to brokers. All of these options will be discussed briefly, giving everyone the information they need[…]


Tim Draper On The Evolution Of VC, The Future Of Bitcoin And The TV-Live With StartupU – TechCrunch

Harry Stebbings Crunch Network Contributor Harry Stebbings is the founder and host of The Twenty Minute VC , an independent podcast focused on venture capital. More posts by this contributor: How to join the network Recently I had the chance to catch up with Tim Draper, Founder and Managing Director at DFJ and one of the[…]


Ransomware demands $3.6 million in Bitcoin from Hollywood hospital – Geek

When an unfortunate PC user at home becomes a ransomware victim, the bad guys might demand a couple hundred dollars. When they ensnare an entire hospital, it gets a whole lot more expensive. The cybercriminals who encrypted the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center’s data are demanding a whopping 9,000 BTC (about $3.6 million right now) for[…]


Is The Looming Bitcoin 'Hard Fork' Illegal? – Forbes

Forbes Is The Looming Bitcoin 'Hard Fork' Illegal?ForbesAs the Bitcoin community struggles to reach a broad consensus over how to expand the blockchain's block size, thus allowing Bitcoin to scale, a pro-Bitcoin attorney has sounded an important alarm: any hard fork of Bitcoin may be illegal, and …Bitcoin Roundtable Announcement Thwarts Bitcoin Classic LaunchBitcoin MagazineBitcoin[…]


China's Role In Bitcoin: How Cultural Differences Are Affecting The Technology's Progress – Forbes

Forbes China's Role In Bitcoin: How Cultural Differences Are Affecting The Technology's ProgressForbesFor the last year, the Bitcoin community has been embroiled in what is, on one level, a technical debate over how to upgrade the network to accommodate growing transaction volume. The fighting reached a head in mid-January, when a prominent developer …The Schism Over[…]


Bitcoin Classic Publishes Code That Could Double Bitcoin's Block Size – CoinDesk

The first release for an alternative implementation of bitcoin that would double its transaction capacity has been published. Today, bitcoin users run or rely on versions of Bitcoin Core, the descendent of the original bitcoin software developed by its pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Yet the ongoing debate on how to increase capacity has opened the door to other implementations[…]


Dash Increases Its Block Size as Founder Confirms Instantaneous Transactions – CryptoCoinsNews

As the #3 cryptocurrency in the world for consumer payments behind Bitcoin and Litecoin, Dash is in the spotlight for doubling its blocksize (from 1 MB to 2 MB) recently. Furthermore, the alternate currency claims to be superior to Bitcoin in a number of ways such as: aiding in better person-to-person commerce  due to its[…]


EU Governance Takes An Official Stance on Digital Currencies – DCEBrief (press release)

Executive Brief At a time when terrorism financing is a hot button topic and fiat currencies are floundering in debt and recession, how to handle the world of digital currency is on the table, worldwide. Some nations have chosen to be fertile ground for the innovations available in this sector, while others play defense against[…]